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Software is not just built, they are grown. Noroam SDK will continue to be developed with new features and enhancements that will make charging electric vehicles seamless for both consumers and charge point owners. Some of the interesting features/enhancements currently in our pipeline are:

Multi-Charge: This is a feature that will make simultaneous charging sessions possible. It will be a game changer in a way that it will increase the ROI of CPOs and also reduce the number of consumers on the waitlist during a charging session.

Multi-Connector Support: This will enable a single charge point to simultaneously handle multiple charging sessions. Currently, we support only a single connector but this feature will utilize all the connectors of a charge point; i.e. if a charge point has four connectors, four simultaneous charging sessions will be possible. This feature is, however, dependent on the success of the Multi-Charge feature mentioned above.

Charge Point Locator: This will enable machines to locate the nearest charge point when needed for a charging session. This will save the cost of finding an efficient charge point because consumers will be given the option to rate the charge points.

Automated Approvals: This will enable pending transactions ignored by the consumers during a charging session to be auto-approved. This is to curb the situation of funds being held in an escrow wallet without settlements.

Autonomous Charging: This is an advanced feature that will enable an electric vehicle to charge itself once the battery is low - without interference from the owner. It will be an automated system that enables the machine to use earned funds from its wallet to fund the payment of charging. This concept is currently in an ideation stage.

Charge Loan: This is a feature that will allow machines or owners to take a charge loan for a particular period of time, which will allow machines to access charging sessions without paying first. This will encourage more machines to work on the network without having the total capital necessary for rendering their services on the network, therefore reducing the barrier to entry. For example, giving a charge loan to electric vehicles being used for haulage services will enable them to earn first without paying for a charge, and giving them the privilege to pay later when they are in a better financial position.

And many more still under consideration.

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