Opportunity / Solution

This page describes the opportunity to be captured within the EV charging industry

There is a massive opportunity in this space currently to solve the existing issues by utilizing the resources effectively in a more collaborative way.

The answer to these problems lie in understanding infinite game theory - The pursuit of excellence is a positive-sum game, with no finish line and no losers.

Currently, the existing players in the market are playing the zero sum game where there is limited to no collaboration between the stakeholders and every player is focussing on building the walled gardens around technology and is trying to fight for the same customer rather than extracting maximum value from the customers. In the business world, this is known as the Zero-sum game, where either of the 2 players lose and both cannot win at the same time.

More than ever before, the EV charging industry requires an open network that connects all the charging infrastructure - be it Private, Public destination or Onroad chargers - on which innovators can build more products that interact with each other and foster the growth of this industry. Stakeholders can work in a collaborative way to provide a seamless experience to EV owners while generating profits.

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