a layer 2 solution for the EV charging industry

Charge follows the concept of a positive sum game. Charge is built to operate like a Layer 2 solution on peaq blockchain to enable builders with sufficient open tools to build applications that can help the growth of the EV charging industry through a collaborative environment in which every player has access to the infrastructure necessary to innovate. Charge will operate as a DAO governed platform to ensure open access to all the players in which members can vote and govern the way that the platform must progress.

Charge is the culmination of years of research and development with the leading players and stakeholders in the European EV charging industry. The problems addressed in this paper were highlighted by industry leaders as early as 2018, as was the initial idea to use blockchain technology to address these problems. The ultimate solution, described in limited depth in this documentation is the result of research and development, proof of concepts, consultations and raw trial and error.

The Charge ecosystem is designed around the innovative concept of machine economy, in which machines generate income for their owners passively. It is powered by the Charge token that provides value to the DAO members. To be a DAO member, users must hold the Charge token that gives the members certain benefits.

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