Steps to Integrate

Identification: The peaq DID is used for decentralized identification and the DID qrcode has to be placed on the charge point so consumers can easily scan the code using the mobile application.

Gun Connector: The current version of the SDK only supports charging from the connector ID 1 (one). Development is ongoing to support multiple simultaneous charging sessions and connectors.

Authentication: The IdTags are uniquely auto-generated by the CPG internally after confirmation of deposit on the Multisig wallet. The charge point Local Auth List is updated and transactions from an IdTag not on this updated auth list will be rejected. After a completed charging session, the IdTag is removed from the Local Auth List to prevent manipulation of the system. But for integration testing, the charge point on private mode uses the “PRIVATE_MODE_ID” as the IdTag just for testing purposes.

Connection: The charge point is responsible for sending Heartbeat requests in predefined intervals for the connection to be kept alive. If for any reason, the CPG stops receiving the Heartbeat request at the specified interval, the connection is dropped. The interval will be determined by the value set on the “CHARGER_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL” environmental variable.

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