Noroam SDK for CPOs

Learn what problems the Noroam SDK solves for CPOs and how

The problems faced by the CPOs are as follows: Fierce competition for the market share: The primary aim of CPOs is to attract as many EV owners as possible to charge their EVs at their charging stations. However, it is always not possible as there are so many CPOs in the market and all of them fight for the same customer. So at times, there can be an intense competition between the CPOs to set up a charging station in a particular location. This often results in a zero sum game. Market reach: To attract the EV owners to charge at their charging stations, the CPOs reach to the market in multiple ways. In some cases, they launch their own mobile application and market it to users. So they spend a lot of developmental resources on building the mobile application. Secondly, they partner with as many MSPs as possible to display their charging station onto the EV owner who is a customer of the MSP. This strategy will face many challenges in the longer run as the EV owner will end up with multiple mobile applications on their phone and many times it is difficult to predict the demand from the market. Moreover, there will be dominant players in the market who further increase the fragmentation in this industry leading to the zero sum game.

Higher Total Cost of Ownership and lower utilization ratio: To ensure a higher utilization ratio for the charging stations, a CPO must attract many EVs to charge at the charging station. However, to achieve this feat in most cases, the CPO must partner with a roaming provider to be part of a much bigger network. However to be part of such networks, CPOs pay a hefty amount for the roaming providers as fee and commissions to stay attractive to the EV owners. However, the CPOs cannot increase the price of the kWH energy traded as this may put off the EV owners who prefer to charge their vehicles economically. Hence, this will result in a higher Total Cost of Ownership for the CPOs, a case that is not desirable for the CPOs in the longer run. Charging reliability rate: CPOs must ensure the EV owners get a seamless experience while charging their EVs at the charging station. Currently, the data highlights a very high failure rate of charging attempts at the stations and huge delays to even start a session after plugging in the vehicle. These issues occur because of the existing slow processes that run in the background to begin a successful charging session. Many EV owners leave the charging stations with a bad experience and they do not intend to return to the CPO to recharge their EVs. How noroam solves these problems

Collaborative approach: By being part of the platform, a CPO does not have to actively install several charging stations at all the possible locations to benefit from the charging. However, through no roam, a CPO can become part of a massive platform of EV charging and still gain from the charging sessions that happen on the platform at a completely different location even if the charger is not maintained by the CPO as the entire value of the platform increases with the charging sessions that happen on the platform irrespective of the operator. And when the CPO uses noroam, they automatically become members of the DAO and benefit from all transactions happening on the platform. Instant access: By adopting noroam, a CPO can open up their charging station and be part of the network of hundreds of thousands of users instantly at a much faster rate and without a recurring fixed fee. Economical process: CPOs can save massive amounts of money spent on fees and commissions (~70%) by using noroam as the innovative architecture of noroam keeps the expenses low by enabling the P2P communication between players and decentralized database architecture. Higher success rate of charging sessions: Through noroam, a lot of background processes that occur in the existing charging experience are eliminated with the help of innovative identification, authentication and verification mechanisms using blockchain. With a simple approach a lot of inefficiencies in the system are removed and the success rate of charging sessions is increased drastically. Rewards: CPOs can create additional revenue sources through the rewards from airdrops by Peaq network and Charge platform and several incentives designed for the stakeholders.

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