Charge is a DAO governed platform without a central authority. It is governed by the DAO members who contribute to keep the economy and the platform running. DAO members propose and vote on changes to the functioning of the DAO and govern the way funds are allocated to various projects across the ecosystem. Smart contracts are used to construct the DAO’s rules set by a core team of community members. These smart contracts lay the groundwork for the DAO’s operations. They are evident, verifiable and publicly auditable, allowing any potential member to comprehend how the protocol will operate at all times fully. After that, a DAO treasury is funded by issuing tokens, giving token holders the right to vote on the project’s governance matters. Charge will follow an upvote paradigm in which DAO members can offer and upvote proposals that are of interest to them. This strategy aids in the curation of such proposals, both in terms of content and timeliness. Following that, a proposal team drafts, organizes and cleans the ideas in preparation for community evaluation and vote. This makes the proposals’ format and substance more consistent.

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