Noroam SDK for MSPs

Learn what problems the Noroam SDK solves for MSPs and how

The problems faced by the MSPs are as follows: Need to Differentiate: MSP market is very crowded and it is very important for the MSP to differentiate themselves from competitors. In this process MSPs must constantly design lucrative features for customer lock-in. Ultimately it boils down to seamless customer experience in the application, a goal that is sometimes extremely hard to achieve. Uncertain billing processes: As an MSP usually partners with several CPOs, they spend a lot of time figuring out the prices from the CPOs, resulting in uncertain billing processes. Sometimes there are price mismatches, resulting in confusion regarding prices. Manual processes: As the users of MSP charge their vehicles in multiple locations, MSPs receive invoices from CPOs across several geographies for very smaller amounts, at times as small as 3 USD. MSPs spend a significant amount of time to settle these invoices manually, which is a flawed design in the first place, causing significant losses in resources.

How noroam solves these problems: Instant access: By adopting Noroam, an MSP can open up their charging station and be part of the network of hundreds of thousands of users instantly at a much faster rate. Plugins to aggregate the billing information: Noroam provides easier to use plugins for the MSPs to aggregate the pricing from the CPOs. Through this approach, MSPs are automatically notified of any pricing changes dynamically. Hence, they can quickly adapt their pricing strategies to maximize their profits. Economical process: MSPs can save massive amounts of money spent on fees and commissions (~40% on overall ecosystem reconciliation costs) by using Noroam as the innovative architecture of Noroam keeps the expenses low. All the invoicing systems can be automated as all the charging data is available on-chain and MSPs and CPOs can settle invoices instantly, saving resources.

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